Repurpose A Beverage Dispenser Into DIY Laundry Detergent Bulk Storage

Lots of people make their own laundry detergent these days. We've written more than one post on the subject. Instead of hiding your creation in a 20L bucket, why not repurpose that old beverage dispenser in your garage as a way to keep your DIY detergent close at hand?

Household weblog Your Little Birdie came up with solution after trying to find a way to make using homemade laundry detergent easier and more attractive. The good thing about a transparent container is that it makes it easy to plan when you need to make your next batch. Just add whatever type of cup or glass you want to transfer the detergent to your washer and you're all set. Bonus points if you position the spigot to flow directly into your washer.

My Laundry Room Reveal, take 2 [Your Little Birdie]


    Storing poisonous or harmful liquids in drinking containers or dispensers is generally a bad idea.

    Yep, if you do this in Australia you can be prosecuted and fined or even jailed.
    Dumb idea. Kids don't know the difference between a container full of detergent and a container full of yum. Especially if you disguise the dangerous stuff as yummy stuff.

    Also the seals used for the taps wont hold detergents and other liquids for long. A friend tried this a couple of times and found that very quickly they started to leak.

    And what about the last two inches in the barrel? How do you get that out?

    "Lots of people make their own laundry detergent these days."

    Really Lifehacker? Lots of people?

      Who has a spare beverage dispenser laying around anyway? Why does Life Hacker US always have the stupidest hacks?

        @ButFli and Lachlan. Hi from across the world. I'm in the USA, and I suspect my country is to blame for this one. Actually, no. I know it is. LOL

        Many people in my country are making their own laundry soap. Not the majority, but there are a lot of them. I've made my own on occasion. Some do it because they got sick of paying higher prices for laundry detergents that were becoming less effective. (<< This was my reason for making it too.) Some make it just because they like to make their own things, and others do it because they're "crunchy," which means they're die hard environmentally friendly. Not sure if "crunchy" is what really "green" people call themselves where you are, so I felt I should clarify.

        As for the glass containers, some use those to be fancy; basically the aesthetics of it. Others use the glass containers because they're crunchy and dislike the use of plastics of any kind and avoid it if it can be avoided. I guess they're afraid of BPA and other polyphenols absorbing into their skin or something.

        Personally, when I make my own laundry soap--which I have not done for a while since I found a brand that actually works good, so it's worth the money, but when I did, or do, make mine, I just reuse a laundry detergent bottle. I'm not fancy or crunchy. I'm too busy trying to take care of my family, while staying on budget.

        Hope this helped clear up some of the weirdness of the article. LOL
        Blessings to you both. :)

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