Paint The Inside Of Light Switch Covers To Simplify Buying More Of That Colour

The next time you repaint a room in your home consider painting the inside of your light switch cover with same paint you use on the walls; if you ever need more of that colour you can remove the cover and take it in to be matched.

You can also keep track of your room colours by applying the label from your paint can or just writing with a Sharpie on a piece of painter's tape the brand, colour name, and swatch number, as shown in the photo above and mentioned before by Lifehacker. With many designer paint pallets switching regularly I think colour matching the light switch cover has your best chance of success but there's no reason you can't use both techniques to make sure.

This tip comes Pinterest user Harriet von Grinsven Cameron and the image is from Reinman Publications. From the URL it appears to have been from their Taste of Home magazine, but I couldn't find the article on that magazine's site. If anyone has a better link to the source please let me know and I'll update the links/sources.

Never again forget your room's paint colour choice [Reinman Publications via Pinterest]


    Another tip straight from the USA, majority of Australian power points do not have removable covers like this pic from the States. You could actually expose live wires trying to unscrew a power point here.

      Most outlets have a removable piece of plastic around the edge which covers the screws so that should have enough room for a strip if paint

    Great idea to write the colour on the label but even colours vary between brands so write as much info as possible. I wouldn't just paint the inside of the cover as all spectrometers (colour scanners) need a flat surface so the inside of a cover wouldn't provide an accurate scan.

    I think if I wanted to go to the trouble of repainting a room, I'd probably just pick another colour

      Uh what about touch ups? You know you repair a hole in the wall because some idiot put their fist through it or the door knob, or scuffs etc.

    And what do you do to compensate for the paint fading in the sun over the years?

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