Swap Shopping Lists With A Trusted Friend To Avoid Impulse Shopping

If you're trying to get your spending in order and supermarket impulse purchases are your kryptonite, consider trying to find a friend in a similar situation that lives in your town and switch shopping lists so that friend buys your stuff and you buy theirs.

Image: Bruce Turner

This tip comes from a reader of personal finance weblog The Simple Dollar. That reader and their trusted friend shop for each other once every two weeks. They email what they need to each other, purchase each other's goods and once a month meet to resolve any financial differences between the two lists, usually no more than 10 or 20 dollars.

The great thing about this plan is that not only can it easily wipe out impulse shopping it can also make you think carefully about your shopping list by the necessity of having to plan out your meals. This should result in a more efficient use of your grocery dollar and maybe in choosing healthier food to boot.

Reader Mailbag: Memories of Near Misses [The Simple Dollar]


    Perhaps you could use some of that self control to stop making snarky comments on the internet?

    Self control isn't a switch you can throw- temptation is hard. This is a way through it- being accountable to someone else. Works for other things too, not just shopping.

    Pretty good system.

    How bout just use a list and follow it....

    If your self control is that bad, won't you just buy yourself junk while you are at the shops and put it through separately?

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