Google Just Killed Off A Few More Products

Google Just Killed Off A Few More Products

Google’s shutting down of niche projects as it turns all guns blazing to trying to make us care more about Google+ continues. The latest batch of products to get stopped includes page suggestion service Google Related, the BlackBerry version of Google Sync, the Linux version of Picasa, Mac uploading tools for Picasa, and the web app version of Google Talk.

Google Related has barely been around for eight months, so Google isn’t wasting any time. That said, most of the other projects do seem pretty specific in their focus, and those which involve standalone software aren’t necessarily disabling the product; they’re just not receiving future updates. Hit the blog post for more details.

Spring-cleaning . . . in spring! [Official Google Blog]


  • To clarify: They’re shutting down the mobile web app version of google talk, not the main web app version.

    They’re also killing off their linux picasa client, which was a bit of a hack job but interesting to have around.

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