Estimate How Much Propane Is Left In Your Tank With A Glass Of Water

You don't want to run out of propane halfway through your outdoor dinner party. Culinary weblog Chow shares a quick way to estimate how much propane is left in your tank.

Disconnect the tank from your grill and pour a glass of warm water along one side of the tank — areas with propane will absorb the heat from the water and feel cold to the touch, and areas without propane will feel warm.

This isn't a method for exact measurement, but knowing that a full tank provides around 20 hours of grill time should let you estimate if you have enough propane for your next BBQ.

How to Tell How Much Propane Is Left for Your Gas Grill [Chow]



    here is Australia its called gas, and comes in all different sized containers

      I'm Australian and I call it propane. Do you go to the service station to get a bag of frozen to cool your drinks? Do you ask for a glass of liquid?
      No. It's stupid to call a specific chemical the state which it is in. Worse, because 'gas' under pressure is a liquid anyway.

        I think you meant bag of solid.

        Still, many people just refer to it as "gas", ask the average uni student manning the till at a servo for propane and you stand a good chance of getting an answer like ricadam's

      So says the expert. Ex (being a former) and spurt (being a drip under pressure).

    It's called propane in most English speaking countries.

    This tip made me laugh, having lived in Queensland for several years, where *everything* is warm to the touch. Probably would need to do the test with cold water...

      In Sydney I've never really bothered with water. Just feeling the side of the cylinder is usually enough - below the gas (sorry... propane) level is noticeably cooler.

    putting your small (9kg or smaller) bottle on a set of bathroom scales and calculating the mass of the lpg inside is a good way, or this method works well with a cup of hot water, to better differentiate the temps.

      Pick it up and shake it. You can hear and feel the liquid sloshing around so it's easy to work out how much you've got.

    Clearly Lifehacker has cut back on the Aussie Editors :) Oh wells

    Propane really is a clean, efficient fuel.

      And I should know, as I sell propane and propane accessories.

    Am I the only one who calls it LPG?

      In Sydney people call it LPG or generalise by calling it gas. Who cares anyway. This isn't an article about the difference between USA and Australian english.

    I can't imagine this working well on a cold day either! Those gas tanks won't absorb much heat from a little bit of warm water. Maybe if you pored an entire kettle of boiling water over it.

    So then, is the fuel you put in your car called Gasoline (gas in US) or petroleum (petrol elsewhere)?

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