Three Simple Strategies To Convince People

Want to convince someone to do something for you? These three basic tactics will help: lay on plenty of compliments, emphasise how that person's peers have also performed similar tasks, and work hard to dismantle any excuses you hear.

Picture by Neil Conway

In a piece for BBC News Magazine, journalist Lucy Kellaway outlines how a combination of those three tactics successfully persuaded her to give a speech for a charity, despite her being very resistant to the idea. She also explains how scientific research backs up the strategies: you might know compliments are insincere and not see yourself as equal to your peers, but chances are you'll still fall for these tactics.

In some cases indirect flattery can be more effective, but the fundamental lesson remains: niceness will achieve your goals faster. Hit the post for her full account,

Superflattery: The art of getting what you want [BBC News Magazine]


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