Telstra's Spotify Rival MOG Is Now Live

Telstra has officially launched its MOG music subscription service, claiming access to an estimated 16 million tracks. The pricing is extremely similar to its rivals, so the telco will be hoping that not counting MOG streams against download caps for Bigpond and Next G customers will give it an edge.

Telstra is charging $6.99 a month for the web-based service, or $11.99 for a version that also works on iOS and Android smartphones. A 14-day free trial of the service is available. Tracks are encoded to stream at 320Kbps. The US version of the site also offers an ad-supported ongoing free version, but Telstra won't be offering that version. Nonetheless, I managed to sign up for it this morning, though that could be a temporary glitch (I also briefly encountered a screen claiming the service wasn't available in Australia yet).

Telstra announced its plans to partner for the local launch of MOG back in April, but didn't manage to get it out the door ahead of Spotify's Australian launch. While Spotify was far from the first streaming subscription service operating locally, it remains the most visible brand in that space.

One potential advantage for MOG is that while you can sign up using Facebook, that isn't compulsory. That might appeal to people who don't like Spotify's requirement that you use Facebook for registration.



    So is it unmettered for iPad prepaid data?

    Its unmetered as long as its on Telstra.

    Sign up is easy. Logging into MOG so far = fail.

      I must have gotten in early, saw this post when I was on the train, signed up and I've already grabbed over 20 albums.

        any early feedback? worth switching across from spotify?

          Not a patch on Spotify. UI is basic and clumsy. Spotify and Rdio are the best of the legit on-demand music streaming services available in Australia. I've tried JB HiFi NOW and RaRa too. Yet to get Deezer to work properly.

      Could you describe this? When did this happen? I will get the team to take a look.

        Signed up through Bigpong Music.
        Email confirmation confirming trial.
        Download MOG from Apple App Store.
        Loads the app and asks to sign in or use Facebook to log in.
        Grant permission through Facebook.
        Goes into MOG app and then flicks back saying error everytime you try the login with FB option.
        Stuck in Login cycle.

          Are you using OpenDNS or GoogleDNS in your phone settings or your home router settings?

            Im a Telstra users for iPhone so connecting via NextG and not wifi

              Just out of curiosity, was this encountered while you were on a home WifFi at all?
              So, could you try to go onto airplane mode, then sign back into NextG and see if you are still experiencing the same thing?
              There is a fix coming,the cause is due to some users' DNS caused them to be recognised as US customers instead.

    From what I can tell, if you log in to the app via Facebook, it's then connecting with MOG credentials, not the Bigpond Music credentials needed to access the service in Australia. Or something.

    Also, I get the feeling if you want to log in through Telstra on your phone, you have to have your phone either connected via 3G or a telstra wi-fi connection. If I connect my phone to my work's wifi, I just get the standard US-only MOG login page.

    Well i went to the website, it said it wasn't available in my country, i closed that popup and proceeded to sign up with Facebook and am currently listening to music for free....

    I signed up with no problems, that said I signed up on my Desktop PC, and used my Bigpond account (with my gmail address as username) not Facebook linking bullshit.

    Are Telstra business plans also unmetered?

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