Telstra Hopes No Download Cap Will Help Its Streaming Music Service

There's no shortage of subscription music services in Australia already: JB Hi-Fi Now,, Rdio are all active, and Spotify is due to land officially real soon now. Telstra is going to join the party, partnering with streaming service MOG to offer an "unlimited streaming service" drawing on a database of more than 15 million tracks.

Telstra's announcement is light on details, with no launch date other than "in the coming months" and no pricing information. But we have been told the service will work on computers, mobile phones and tablets. The likely main selling point? Streaming won't count against ADSL or 3G data allowances if you're a Telstra customer. (Conversely, that might be one more reason why the network will get slower over time, but we'll have to see if it proves popular.) The service will stream at 320Kbps.

Would no data charges and Telstra's strong network make a streaming music service more appealing? Are you still hanging for the official Spotify launch? Tell us in the comments.


    It would be more beneficial for them to team up with JB HiFi (already a Telstra dealer) and offer JB NOW as an unmetered service for Telstra customers. This would obviously be a win for both parties.

    Data caps of any kind are counter productive anyway

    When one of these services come even close to beating what grooveshark does for free they might be worth taking up

    I wonder if this will be available for all Telstra customers as Bigpond Unmetered content is only for Bigpond customers and not Telstra mobiles.

    hopefully they build a service to work with Sonos, i use most of my monthly 100GB on streaming music from rdio.

      You probably use less than you think.
      Even if If you stream 24 hours a day on 192Kbps it would be around 2GB/day. So 60GB per month.

    My biggest gripes with all the offerings I have tried is the limited number of non-mainstream music as well as the speed of the streaming. Sony's Music Unlimited was an absolute joke.. they didn't even have half of their OWN music available.. I'm a little bit jaded now..

    15 million songs,,, I wonder how many of those are ones I would actually listen to.

    i'm sure unmetered means bigpond online and mobile too... it would have to.
    no data on music will make the choice easier
    and 15mil tracks, thats heaps! i dont even own 2 million tracks if i wanted to - i hope it includes aussie music too

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