Lifehacker's Top 10 Business Travel Posts

Hitting the road for work and need some help? Here are our best business travel guides, both from last week's Business Travel Week 2012 series and from deeper in the Lifehacker archives.

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10 Best Tactics For Finding Cheap Flights In Australia

Here are our 10 best time-honoured tactics for ensuring you can hit the skies for less.

Best Tech To Use On The Plane

You’ve reached cruising altitude and you want to get working. Here are the crucial gadgets to have in your carry-on bag when you hit the plane.

How To Buy Business Class Tickets Without Breaking The Bank

Business class travel doesn’t have to cost the earth if you use a few simple strategies and do some planning. Here’s how to get to the pointy end without spending an absolute fortune.

When Does Flying Business Class Make Sense?

It can be harder than ever to persuade cash-strapped management to pay up the extra money required for a business-class seat. Here are some scenarios where it still makes sense, despite the high price tag.

The Complete Business Travel Packing List

Packing minimally is a sensible approach to business travel, but which items are so important you can’t afford to leave them behind? We highlight the most important requirements.

Phone, Tablet, Computer: When You Need Each One

We know it’s possible to be very productive with nothing except a smartphone, but for most business travellers, hitting the road is a multi-device experience, with phones, tablets and notebook PCs all playing a part. We look at which scenarios make sense for which device.

Five Items Not To Pack For Your Next Flight

Efficient travel packing isn’t just about what you include: it’s also about what you leave behind. Here are five items you should consider carefully before they land in your next travel bag.

Five Tactics To Make Expense Management Easier

Having the company pick up the tab on the road is great, but searching through the bottom of your suitcase for a receipt isn’t. We look at how to make expense management less of a hassle.

Top 10 Ways To Make The Most Of Airport Lounges

Airport lounge access maximises your productivity and relaxation opportunities at the airport. Here are our top tips to get the most from the experience.

Five Signs You Need A Face-To-Face Meeting

While video conferencing offers a new alternative to actually getting together in person, sometimes meatspace meetings are the only way to go. We outline five key signs that face-to-face meetings are going to be worth the effort.


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