The Complete Guide To Better Travel

The Complete Guide To Better Travel

Travelling to a new destination is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. Here are Gizmodo’s favourite gadgets to make travel more enjoyable and productive, and Lifehacker’s best tips for maximising the experience while minimising the bill.

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1. International Universal Adaptors

2. Globalgig

3. FitBit Zip

4. Telstra 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot

5. Apple EarPods

Tips & Tricks

1. Align Your Time Zones

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2. Don’t Pack Too Much

five items you don’t need to packtravelling with nothing but a phonePicture: Richard Giles

3. Avoid Global Roaming Hassles

top 10 list of ways to avoid global roaming rorts

4. Don’t Overspend On Flights

Our top 10 tactics for finding cheap flights


  • “If the Globalgig is your saviour for domestic travel, the Telstra 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot is the domestic equivalent. ” This sentence doesn’t work for me…

  • Globalgig have recently changed their plans. Best option for occasional international traveller seems to be the Flexi plan. $79 for the dongle, $5.00 per month for the service plus $0.05 per MB for roaming data.
    About to test mine out in US/UK.

  • Take an Australian:

    * powerboard so you can power multiple devices.

    * extension cord so you can reach the bed or desk from the powerpoint that is hidden under the bed or behind the sofa.

    When you get to your destination buy a powerboard. Many, particularly older, hotels only have one power point so if you want to watch TV or heat water in the kettle while you power your devices you need a powerboard.

    Also useful because many powerpoints are too low on the skirting board or above the fixed in place desk to be able to get a socket converter and a powerbrick which points down to fit.

    If you don’t want to carry an Australian extension cord you can buy one locally. The French name is prolongateur, a word that I just love the sound of.

    The photo of the Euro socket adapter above, the one of the left, shows a good adapter to get. The diamond shaped extension is good because a lot of sockets are shaped like that. The standard Euro adapter is round and won’t fit in the diamond shaped sockets.

    I don’t like the white universal socket adapters because the prongs are always loose and the heavy adapter wont stay in the socket. I prefer one adapter per socket type.

    You should always carry cloth gaffer tape to hold the power adapter in the socket because a lot of sockets are very loose.

    A non-tech item you should carry is a sewing kit with normal thread to reattach buttons and thicker thread, I use sail-makers’ thread, to fix backpacks that invariably split as soon as you leave home.

    I have been travelling in Europe and UK for the last 2 months and I have experienced all of these issues.

  • Great tips. Anything that reduces jet lag is worth it’s weight in gold in my book. I would like to add one more general travel tip that saved my last trip to Rome from total disaster. I lost my passport during the day but had no idea it was missing. Fortunately, I had an Okoban tracer tag on it. A waiter where I ate lunch found it and entered my tracker number on their website and I was sent a text message (and an email) before I ever even knew my passport was missing. Lucky for me because I was leaving in the morning for Germany and getting a new passport would have been impossible. I found these tags at It saved my trip and I now have tags on almost everything that goes with me on a trip.

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