Hide Your Ugly Wi-Fi Router In A Book Cover

If you're sick of looking at your router's ugly design and blinking lights all day, you can camouflage it with the rest of your home by hiding it in a book cover.

Of course, sometimes you need to see those blinking lights, but if you've solved all your router's usual problems, you probably don't — and you can hide it anywhere you want, as long as you aren't blocking its signal. It's easy to do: just take the binding off an old book you aren't going to read, stick you router inside, and put the book back on the shelf with the others.

Apart from a little antenna sticking out, you'll never have to look at that ugly thing again. Of course, you can always hide it in an old school radio, too. Hit the link for more pictures and instructions.

Re-Style Your Wireless Internet Router [Anumu via Apartment Therapy]


    This should also be called.. how to make sure your router overheats!

      I was just thinking that! haha I opened this article just to comment that you'd want to make sure it has adequate ventilation

    And burn down your house? Another quality article from Lifehacker.


    My router gets pretty hot as well. Not sure I'd be attempting this...

    As everyone has said, hell no. My router reaches pretty toasty numbers, I don't need to start any fires.

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