Hide A Wi-Fi Router In A Magazine Holder

Hide A Wi-Fi Router In A Magazine Holder

As important as they are, routers and modems aren’t the prettiest objects to look at. Keep them from cluttering up the view with their constantly blinking lights with a simple magazine storage box.

The photos above from Design O.C.D. pretty much say it all. It’s even easier to do than using a book cover to camouflage your router or hiding it in an old radio, and might provide a bit more airflow depending on the size of your router.

Equipment Organisation [Design O.C.D.]


  • I’d say the biggest issue is that it’s still kind of ugly when you’re standing. If you cut some holes in the back of the magazine holder you’d be able to manage the cables and maybe improve the antenna angle at the same time.

  • we keep both of our routers, the server and the surveillance DVR in the wardrobe of the study 🙂 cables go into the roof ,etc

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