Help Out In Our Comments And Win Big


    Is it helpful to point out that all of last weeks winners comments weren't actually helpful at all? They were just silly, jokey comments. I know deciding the winners is up to the editors of the site and I really don't care. But your article does say
    "Offer a helpful comment on a story"
    and "Leave a helpful comment on any Lifehacker story"
    and this one too! "The reader who leaves the most useful comment".

      Or is that a Gizmodo comp that has the same prize but an extremely similar yet slightly different set of requirements as to whether the comment is helpful OR funny?

    Oh everyone always loves my comments right?

    It is time to put up/down voting for the article(s) published here by users. So that we can see whether it is worth to read a particular article or is it just the article with mislead heading.

      So kinda like the the up/down vote buttons on Reddit? I like.

    Have you considered using the DISCUS commenting system that every other website uses?

      "Every other website" is a slight exaggeration :) We do have enhancements to the commenting system in the works.

        I vote for this ^^^^^^comment to receive a prize. Very helpful.

    If you get on a tram, or other form of public transport. at a conventionally busy stop, try walking down to the next stop and beating the Queue. Get on at Flinders Street to head down St Kilda Road? Why not walk to Town Hall? Heading to the MCG for the footy? Ignore Flinders, catch the tram closer to Elizabeth street and laugh while the sardines cram themselves in around you.

    You meant helpful unrelated comments, right?

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