Stop Wasting Paper Towels With The Shake-And-Fold Technique

Stop Wasting Paper Towels With The Shake-And-Fold Technique

If you use more than one paper towel to dry your hands, you’re using more than you should. Joe Smith demonstrates the perfect paper towel technique: shake and fold.

After washing your hands properly, shake them 12 times. Then fold the single paper towel and pat dry.

Smith, former chair of the Oregon Democratic Party, says we can conserve over 260 million kilograms of paper towels each year if we all kept to just one sheet.

Plus, folding the towel supposedly helps dry your hands more efficiently. Everyone wins!

Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel [TEDx]


  • Isn’t paper towel mostly recycled paper anyway, which then gets recycled again?
    I would say switching all the non-recycled paper towel would have a much larger impact than just this technique.
    Also, people for the most part are complete idiots who don’t care if they are doing things the best way or not. Washing/Drying hands is a good example from the many; 1 second splash in water, pull out 4 paper towels, scrunch them and throw away. After this, their hands are still dirty and wet, I can tell when I open the door after them. Another one is the 3 second blast with the air-dryer: it doesn’t do anything!

    • Its not just the fact that its mostly recycled paper that will be recycled again. Its the whole re-recylcing process which also contributes to environmental impact. This includes any waste, packaging and transportation of the (re-)recycled paper towels.

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