Keep An Emergency $20 In Your Phone Case

The merits of smartphone cases are a subject of debate, but if you do use one, consider storing an emergency $20 between the cover and the phone.

As Reddit user Lunkavitch points out, the money could come in handy to pay a cab or lunch bill if your wallet gets stolen, or if you just forgot it at home. It may seem a little paranoid, but it's a small insurance policy that could get you out of a jam if your wallet goes missing.

LPT: Keep a $US20 bill between your phone and its case. You'll have some cash if you lose your wallet [Reddit]


    isn't it illegal to bend/fold/damage american money?

      illegal to bend or fold american money? That must explain why all american wallets are unfoldable, the length of notes, and hard. Right?

    I already do this but the notes are getting crispy after being in there for a year

    If you own a phone with a removable battery (almost everything except iphones), you can normally fit a $50 note in the compartment as well.

    The same trick works with post-it notes, but there's a chance they'll get singed if you leave your phone in the sun.

    I'm probably in the minority, but I'm thinking you're more likely to lose your phone than your wallet. Putting 20 bucks or 50 bucks in phone case will just make losing it worse.

      Then my advice is to keep a $20 or $50 note in your wallet... in case you lose your phone.

    I don't use a case on my phone!

      then I guess this doesn't apply to you!

      But by all means, click on the link , come into the article, and tell everyone about yourself!

    So if I find a phone I can now reward myself with $20.

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