An Easy Way To Memorise Your Most Important Phone Numbers

An Easy Way To Memorise Your Most Important Phone Numbers

With all the digital memory we have nowadays it’s easy to rely on hard drives for trivial things so we can put our minds to use elsewhere. Redditor StabYourFacebook found out one of the problems with this the hard way when they realised they were lost with a dead phone and couldn’t remember phone numbers. Their solution? Delete important people from your phone so you’re forced to memorise the number.

From StabYourFacebook:

Delete important people in your life from your phones address book. Just save their phone number instead. I’m not saying everyone in your contacts, just a few people that you may ever need to reach in an emergency. I replaced their name with just their number instead and in a little over a week I know my whole immediate family as well as my close friends numbers just from seeing them pop up whenever they call/text instead of just seeing a name like “Mum” or “Eric” pop up every time.

You can always keep an emergency business card in your wallet with important numbers, but that won’t help you if your wallet is stolen too. This method certainly taxes your brain a little, but you will remember a phone number a lot better in the end. Have some tricks of your own for memorising phone numbers or anything else you’d need in an emergency? Share them in the comments!

LPT: Delete close family/friends names from your phonebook. [Reddit]


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  • Use a Pay Phone that has the letters printed with the numbers.

    Don’t attatch 04 to every number. You already know that the first 2 are going to be 04.

    Try to remember the next 2.

    Use patterns and words to remember the last 6.

    Dial the number, look at the pattern you use to dial it. i.e. 78963214 is a square. or find word(s) that match the numbers. i.e. 112112 is aceace or badace.

    Hang up the phone. dial again, trying to remember the number.

    Repeat as necessary.

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