Build A Portable USB Air Conditioner From A Filtered Water Jug

Need cooling on the go? Instructables user imjasonc shows us how to build the most portable air conditioning unit we've seen, powered by USB and built in the case of a Brita water jug.

It uses the same principles as most other DIY air conditioners: place a fan over ice-cube-cooled water to blow freshly cooled air. A Brita jug is perfectly suited for this purpose, giving you a big reservoir for iced water and a small casing in the top (where you'd put the filter) for the fan.

The fan is powered by a USB cable, and it's easy to pick up and take wherever you want to go (plus it's easy to clean). Hit the link for the full how-to on wiring the electronics.

Build a Discreet USB Air Conditioner with a Brita Pitcher [Instructables]


    It's not an Aircon it's an evaporative cooler. Good way to humidify the air too.

    Just keep a window open unless you want the walls running.

    Running to where?

    brrr. not likely in melbourne at the moment!

    dry ice! dont use normal ice thats a waste. dry ice block will last a day! if its big enough. just have a window open as you dont wana die of Co2

    if you cant afford dry ice (its pretty cheap) but still. make your own water ice. but disolve a fair amount of salt in it first (salty water has lower freezing temp, stays frozen longer!!!!

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