Never Forget To Refill Your Filtered Water Jug With This Clever Tip

Never Forget To Refill Your Filtered Water Jug With This Clever Tip
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Redditor violenciarivas shares a tip for making sure your filtered water jug is always full. I know what some of you are thinking: “Uh, why don’t you just remember to refill it?” You are the one per cent, let me tell you.

Image: Cuponeando.

The majority of us have better things to do than sit around and refill our water jugs when we’re thirsty and have work to do, and sadly we don’t realise it’s empty until we’re parched and forced to deal with the agonising hell of water that is only kind of cold. If you fall into this category, here’s your solution:

Fill your glass with tap water before getting the jug out. Pour this into the top before filling your now empty glass with the cold delicious water from the bottom.

Especially handy for those of us whose sinks are full of dirty dishes, making a faucet-to-jug pour nearly impossible.

Of course, be careful, since if you fill the top too much you’ll spill it out everywhere when you go to pour water into your glass. Still, it’s a handy routine to get into, doesn’t feel like it takes a lot of time, and will make sure your water pitcher never goes empty again.

LPT: Avoid the Dreaded Empty Brita (Water Purifier) Pitcher [Reddit]


  • This was probably not the best post to syndicate to the Australian Lifehacker. Or it should have been re-written first. Australians don’t share the American obsession with chilled water, so the claim that room temperature water is an “agonising hell” sounds pretty ridiculous to our ears.

    But that aside, it just makes no sense as a strategy. You don’t have to “remember” to refill a filter jug. You just notice – when you’re pouring a glass of water – that the level is getting low, and you fill it up then and there.

  • Haters gonna hate… personally much prefer chilled water. We use a number of individual small bottles to get around this, but if not then this tip would be useful. Here’s a good tip for haters: if you see an article name that looks boring or unnecessary to you, don’t click it.

  • I just keep my jug on the sink, right next to the tap. Everytime I get a drink, I refill the top of the jug.

    This method above is a great way to give your germs to everyone else who uses the jug.

  • My filter jug holds 1.5 L. I keep eight 1.5 L bottles of tap water in my fridge. When the jug is empty, I tip another one in. Of course, living alone means I have more space in my fridge. +1 for not wanting to drink water that isn’t cold. If that’s you go, then so be it.

  • That’s a great tip.
    Those of you who got a little stressed out in the above comments, take a deep breath.
    Lifehacker, you don’t get enough praise. Keep up the good work.

  • I enjoy chilled water, but I’ve never wasted money of filtration systems. The water that comes out of my tap is clear and tastes fine (I live in the SE suburbs of Melbourne). If you were really desperate, you could just use ice cubes. If you’re only drinking water, dilution isn’t an issue.

    Is American tap water generally poor quality? Is that why they invest all this money in expensive filtration things?

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