The Starcraft Android Home Screen

The Starcraft Android Home Screen

Reader adriansolca put together this simple, dockless, great-looking home screen with a few minor tweaks and a Starcraft-inspired theme.

We’ll leave it to him to explain:

his is my StarCraft inspired theme. It’s very minimalistic and simple with access to the apps I use the most.

  • First, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S with CyanogenMod 9 (which is based off Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4)
  • The launcher is ADWLauncher with the MetroStation icon pack. Since I use GO Contacts EX as a dialer and the App drawer is opened with a gesture, I don’t need the dock.
  • The text widget is Minimalistic Text with stock font.
  • The wallpaper is a Starcraft:Ghost Nova wallpaper available here (warning: the full wallpaper is a tad NSFW).
  • I also have a custom WhatsApp .apk with a ICS flavour by Yourzua, available here.
  • The final touch is using Swiftkey X with the Neon theme to keep everything on the same vibe.


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