Deter Bike Thieves With A DIY Bike Alarm

It seems like no matter what you do bicycles are just too easy to steal. As long as a thief has a bolt cutter or a crowbar, they can get through most locks in a jiffy. Cars have alarms to deter thieves, but why not bikes? Here's an easy, cheap way to create a magnetic bike alarm that will leave thieves fleeing the scene.

You'll probably want a bit of electronics experience to put this together, but it's hardly a complicated project. Essentially what you're doing is creating a tilt sensor, that sets off a loud noise when it shifts from one angle to another. If you aren't super-experienced with electronics, you could probably buy a cheap tilt sensor as well, which might take some of the legwork out of the process. Check out the video above to see more, or hit the link for the full how-to.

Stop Bike Thieves Dead in Their Tracks! Make a Magnetically Controlled Bike Alarm [WonderHowTo]


    People at uni have these attached to their bikes, and they are the most annoying thing in the world. Because most bike racks at uni are full, if you accidently bump one the alarm goes off, and everyone looks at you like you're an idiot.
    A tip for people that are installing these alarms: no one is going to take your rusted, ten year old bike. Unless you have a nice racing bike, do not install these things as they aren't worth the hastle.

      not all. ever. People will steal anything that is not bolted down especially students. My housemate left his old rusted ten year old bike in the CBD for a week, was fine. Left at uni over night - got stolen.

        If you use a proper bike lock it's pretty hard to have your bike stolen. I think that someone using bolt cutters will create just as much attention as someone trying to break a lock with their hands and a bike alarm goes off. There's a pretty big chance that if your friends' bike was stolen overnight at uni it still would have been stolen if it had the same lock but also had a "bike alarm".

          Proper bike lock or not, if someone wants it, they WILL take it.

          More security measures will make it more of a 'hastle' for would-be thieves.

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