Your End-Of-Daylight-Saving Checklist

Your End-Of-Daylight-Saving Checklist

Daylight saving ends in the majority of Australian states on Sunday April 1. At 3:00am, clocks will go back to 2:00am (and we’ll enjoy an extra hour’s sleep and the fact that flying to Queensland will be less onerous). Make sure you’re prepared with this quick checklist.

Picture by Marcus Hansson

  • If your computer is patched and up-to-date, it should automatically update to daylight saving time. Check quickly on Sunday morning, but it won’t be a problem in most instances.
  • Be paranoid about your alarm clock, especially if you use a mobile phone. We’ve had incidents of iPhones not fully recognising the switch or ignoring recurring alarms in the past. Again, if your phone takes time from the network (as most do), it should be fine, but it pays to check. If you have an urgent work or personal appointment on Sunday, an old-fashioned non-networked alarm clock which you put back before going to sleep might be wise.
  • Change the batteries in your smoke alarm — a standard part of the daylight saving ritual.
  • Ignore April Fools’ Day. Life is amusing enough, surely.
  • Ignore Earth Hour. It’s a slacktivist waste of time.

Finally, in a footnote of sorts to our earlier spelling errors post, the correct expression is ‘daylight saving’. Not ‘daylight savings’, and not ‘daylights saving’.


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