This Is The Best Thing You Didn't Know Your Blu-Ray Cases Did

I've always wondered why Blu-Ray cases had that annoying flap on the side. All they seem to do is make the case harder to open. Here's how to fix that (without just breaking it off).

That flap isn't the worst thing the world, but it is pretty annoying — it gets in the way of your fingers, catches on the case, and otherwise makes your case harder to open. Little did we know that cases actually have a way to get it out of the way. Just open your case and press the flap down against the inside — it should lock in place, after which you can open and close the case just like the flap-less DVD cases you're used to. Check out the video above to see it in action.

LPT: Make Slim Blu-Ray Cases Easier to Open [Reddit]


    You really needed to zoom in on the flap in the video, I can't tell what's actually happening.

    ...Did it:
    A) REALLY take people this long to figure that out?
    B) REALLY warrant a story?


      You'd be banned on the US site for a comment like this. I should know, that Whitson doesn't take kindly to criticism.

    and in other breaking news, Lifehacker recommends not to drink acid, lay in a lit fire or carry 20 steaks into a lion enclosure, stay tuned for more earth shattering discoveries...

    Maybe I'm just a little slow - but I didn't know this and as far as I'm aware making people lives a little simpler is really the mandate of the site.

    I have never, ever seen that flap before on any Blu-ray title sold in Australia :-)

      Yup. Looks that way to me - checked my collection and not a single one has the flap. Maybe a little frivolous for Aussies.

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