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You wanted NBN advice, iPad pricing and SodaStream excitement. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Five Mistakes People Make Comparing NBN Plans
    With Telstra formally signing its deal to sell off the copper network this week, the odds of the National Broadband Network (NBN) project going through to completion have risen substantially. When you’re contemplating what kind of NBN service you might acquire once it becomes available in your area, make sure you’ve got all the facts.
  2. New iPad Australian Pricing: Cheaper Than Before
    The new iPad (which isn’t being called the iPad 3) has been announced, complete with retina display and some LTE support. Australians will get it on March 16 — just over one week from today, and the same time as the US. Pre-orders begin today, and we’ve got all the pricing details below.
  3. Top 10 Mistakes People Make With Passwords
    We all should know that decent passwords are all that stand between us and a potential security incident. Yet many people end up infected with a virus or with a massive credit card bill because they failed to follow the basics of password security. Here are the 10 things that people keep getting wrong, and ways to make sure you get them right.
  4. Lifehacker Tests The SodaStream Genesis
    In prehistoric times when I was a teenager, the SodaStream was an object of aspiration for many families, while the Kidman boys sobbed into their No Frills cordial. It eventually disappeared into the same retail vacuum as Amstrad 3-inch floppy discs, but since 2010 Sodastream has returned to the market. Does it still do the biz when it comes to the fizz?
  5. Earn Extra Money Even When You Have No Free Time
    One of the biggest obstacles people face in starting a side business is the belief that they just don’t have any free time. They have full-time jobs, families, school to contend with. But the tale of one individual who faced all these challenges and still earned more than $US50,000 in a year on the side shows that with organisation, making money while moonlighting is possible.
  6. What Happens To My Gmail Account When I Die?
    You use a handful of web services every day, but perhaps none holds more of your personal information than your Gmail account. So what happens to your Gmail account should you end up in that big archive folder in the sky? The folks from cloud backup service Backupify set out to find out. Here’s what they learned.
  7. Printing Isn’t The Costliest Part Of Producing Books
    It’s an argument we hear all the time: ebooks should be much cheaper than their paper equivalents because there’s no printing involved. But is printing really the costliest part of the book publishing equation?
  8. iOS 5.1 Promises Reception And Battery Fixes
    Today Apple announced the availability of iOS 5.1 for most of the world and, in a couple of weeks, Japan (which will finally get Siri). While there are few significant changes, there are minor but notable updates.
  9. This Is The Best Thing You Didn’t Know Your Blu-Ray Cases Did
    I’ve always wondered why Blu-Ray cases had that annoying flap on the side. All they seem to do is make the case harder to open. Here’s how to fix that (without just breaking it off).
  10. Forget Self-Improvement
    Ever wonder how some people accomplish so much? They run marathons, write novels, start companies… without making it seem like a big deal?


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