Mount Your HDTV On A Set Of Floor-to-Ceiling Poles, Keep Your Wall Hole-Free

Wall mounting your TV is a great way to piss off your landlord, but if you don't want a huge entertainment centre taking up space, IKEA Hacker has a great solution: attach your TV's wall bracket to the STOLMEN pole mounting system instead.

Not only will this save you from drilling holes in your wall, but it's pretty space-efficient, too, making it ideal for those of you that don't want big, hulking entertainment centres in your living room. The STOLMEN system is adjustable so it can fit the height of any room, and with a bit of drilling, you can mount the TV between the poles as if you were mounting it on a wall, yet without making your landlord angry. Hit the link to see more.

Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount [IKEA Hackers]


    You need to drill those into your floor and ceiling.

      Nah just the back of the poles, but still butt ugly though!

        The poles themselves need to be screwed in. See

    Thats the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

    Srlsy... it's not that ugly. It's actually sorta neat, in a minimalist, sparse kinda way. And if you worked the positioning right, it would avoid seeing that horrible "cable mess" you see with so many home theater setups.


    Nothing like hiding a heater behind your electronic equipment.

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