Enable Push In Sparrow For Jailbroken iPhone

iOS (Jailbroken): Sparrow for iPhone was released last week with a slight catch — it can't handle push because Apple won't allow it. If you're jailbroken, you can easily fix this problem with a free tweak.

Jump onto Cydia and search for "Sparrow Push" to find and install this little adjustment. Once installed you'll be able to open Sparrow and jump into your settings. There you will find a new toggle switch called "Push" which will be on by default. That's all you have to do — you'll instantly have push notifications in Sparrow. Currently there's no notification centre support, but if you're really aching for push you can at least have part of that functionality now.

New Tweak Adds Push Notifications To Sparrow For iPhone Email App [Cult of Mac]


    What a poorly written article. How about you start with a one sentence to tell us what sparrow does.
    "Sparrow is the best tool for blinding goldfish..."

    James 2nd

      I agree. Had to check the link to see what Sparrow does.

        you both sound like trolls. typing sparrow in google doesn't take too much of your time.
        nice article and awesome jailbreak! bout time! The Mac version got an update also. POST THAT! :) lol

    Much need

    Thanks for this. Sparrow in the iphone is now as awesome as on osx.

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