Audacity 2.0 Adds Automatic Crash Recovery, Better Effects

Windows/Mac/Linux: Free, open-source, sound-editing program Audacity has been updated with a few new features. The most notable include improved effects, a ton of new keyboard shortcuts and a handy automatic crash recovery mode.

The big change is the subtle improvements to the sound effects, but you should also notice an increased stability on new operating systems, a new import feature for WAV and AIFF files, and a significantly better device toolbar to manage your inputs and outputs. The new list of keyboard shortcuts is also a handy way to move audio around.

You can check out the huge list of changes and big fixes in the release notes if you want to get into the details. Audacity is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Audacity 2.0


    Still the same Unix-y looking interface though. Just feels clunky next to Garage Band, sadly

    Great for WAV file editing.. not so good for musicians. If you want something more inline with mixing music, try Reaper. It used to be free.. but now you pay for a $60 license.. which for what it does is not a lot.


      Whilst Audacity is fine for small corrections Reaper is much better for real recording and mixing. Also, the trial is actually indefinite, so if your conscience doesn't stop you, you can use it for free. After you've used it though, you'll probably realize it's worth every cent.

      Also, I hear good things about Ardour, which is free for linux, and they ask for a donation for the mac version.

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