How To Stay Protected On Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day in Australia, where tech-savvy people (that's you, Lifehacker readers!) are encouraged to help the less-informed to avoid net nasties while online. To help along with that process, we've gathered together our most helpful guides to online security. Share and enjoy!

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Staying Safe Online

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    Meh. I have learned that most only want your help after they have screwed the pooch in some way. Then you become their help desk as they don't want to learn, just want someone to fix their problems.

      +1. Though they stopped asking me for help after I advised a few to delete system 32...

      the same problems they repeat over and over because they dont want to learn...

    This is stupid, why do we need a day for this?
    Why doesn't everyone do a bit of googling for basic security tips as soon as they purchase a computer. It's not ahrd

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