iKeepm Is A Free, Simple Inventory Web App

iKeepm Is A Free, Simple Inventory Web App

If you need to inventory the total number of items you own for insurance appraisals or to simplify your life by eliminating clutter the free webapp iKeepm allows you to keep track of each item in each room. As you populate the list with each item’s make, model, serial number and value, a total household value is displayed in the corner.

It’s surprising how much stuff we own, and even more so how much we paid for most of it. If you own a home or have contents insurance, having a detailed list will help if you’re ever the victim of theft or natural disaster and have to start over again.

The web app is currently in beta, so expect a bug or two. I logged all of the items in my home office quickly (only because I didn’t take the time to find the serial numbers). You can generate reports by room or item type. Other options include adding photos of items and exporting your data into a comma-separated values file.

The site isn’t flashy, but it seems to work fine for it’s intended purpose.

iKeepm [via MakeUseOf]


  • It sounds like the perfect site I have been looking for, except for the following:

    100% FREE Trial
    iKeepm is 100% FREE for the time being. No credit card or billing information required! Don’t worry, we’ll inform you ahead of time before we start billing you.

    So my time consuming inventory could end up being stuck in premium purgatory unless I am prepared to pay whatever the fee is. Makes the spreadsheet I currently use (which I got from here http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2010/04/five-best-home-inventory-tools/ ) look alot more promising as far as control of my personal data goes.

    I have requested further information about future pricing and possible smartphone app development.

  • Be careful with this. I’ve heard of people who were able to supply the police with the serial numbers of all their electrical goods, and the police were able to find them again and give them back. However during the theft the items were scuffed, damaged and in the end no longer worked properly. But because they were found more or less intact, the insurance wouldn’t pay out, and the owners were left with equipment they couldn’t use, eventually having to replace it at their own expense. So don’t record serial numbers of things that are easily replaceable!

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