Hit The 'Print' Link For Multi-Paged Articles

Many websites force you to click through several pages to read a full-length article, but often if you click on the print link you'll get the entire article on one page.

Reddit user 404_terror submitted this tip to that site's life-hacking section. It's one of those little tips that you can usually come up with on your own but sometimes need a reminder to use it effectively.

Why do sites do this? Usually for page views and additional advertising opportunities.

lifehacks subreddit [Reddit]


    I have a passionate dislike for multipage articles. At least some do have a "view as one page", but for those that don't I'll be looking for the print option.

    Really it's 2012, if I am paying to read the content then show me the article! I do know how to scroll - don't make me jack up your page views and ad impressions... erk.

    I second that.
    In fact if I notice early on that is the case, I won't even bother with the article


      (and a thank you)

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