De-Blackout Wikipedia With This Bookmarklet

De-Blackout Wikipedia With This Bookmarklet

Yes, Wikipedia is blacked out to protest SOPA, the bill that wants to censor your internet. We’re already staunchly anti-SOPA around Lifehacker HQ, so while we’re all for the blackout (solidarity!), it’s kind of preaching to the choir. And while we’ve rounded up a few ways to circumvent the blackout, the best yet comes courtesy of Chris Beidelman.

Says Chris:

Some simple Javascript fixes the Wikipedia blackout:

Javascript:document.body.removeChild(document.getElementById(“mw-sopaOverlay”));var a=document.getElementById(“content”).style.display=”block”;var a=document.getElementById(“mw-head”).style.display=”block”;var a=document.getElementById(“mw-panel”).style.display=”block”;var a=document.getElementById(“footer”).style.display=”block”;var a=document.getElementById(“mw-page-base”).style.display=”block”;var a=document.getElementById(“mw-head-base”).style.display=”block”;

Just open the Wikipedia article, paste the above code into the address bar, and hit enter. Can be made into a bookmarklet.

Here’s how to create what I’m calling a “Wikipedia White” bookmarklet in Chrome:

Wikipedia White

  1. Click Chrome’s wrench button > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
  2. Click Organise > Add Page
  3. Name your bookmarklet (as I said, I’m calling it Wikipedia White) and paste the JavaScript code above into the URL input.
  4. Next time you visit a page that goes black, just click your Wikipedia White bookmarklet and boom — no more blackout.

Thanks Chris!


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