De-Blackout Wikipedia With This Bookmarklet

Yes, Wikipedia is blacked out to protest SOPA, the bill that wants to censor your internet. We're already staunchly anti-SOPA around Lifehacker HQ, so while we're all for the blackout (solidarity!), it's kind of preaching to the choir. And while we've rounded up a few ways to circumvent the blackout, the best yet comes courtesy of Chris Beidelman.

Says Chris:

Some simple Javascript fixes the Wikipedia blackout:

Javascript:document.body.removeChild(document.getElementById("mw-sopaOverlay"));var a=document.getElementById("content").style.display="block";var a=document.getElementById("mw-head").style.display="block";var a=document.getElementById("mw-panel").style.display="block";var a=document.getElementById("footer").style.display="block";var a=document.getElementById("mw-page-base").style.display="block";var a=document.getElementById("mw-head-base").style.display="block";

Just open the Wikipedia article, paste the above code into the address bar, and hit enter. Can be made into a bookmarklet.

Here's how to create what I'm calling a "Wikipedia White" bookmarklet in Chrome:

Wikipedia White

  1. Click Chrome's wrench button > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
  2. Click Organise > Add Page
  3. Name your bookmarklet (as I said, I'm calling it Wikipedia White) and paste the JavaScript code above into the URL input.
  4. Next time you visit a page that goes black, just click your Wikipedia White bookmarklet and boom — no more blackout.

Thanks Chris!


    Or use NoScript if you're a Firefox user

      ...or, get into the spirit of things, suck it up, and do without for 24 hours? maybe every use the opportunity to reflect on stuff we so easily take for granted? :-)

        typo : for "every" read "even"

    Speaking as the person who implemented a chunk of the overlay itself, I think you're better off using this shorter snippet:

    javascript:$('#mw-sopaOverlay').remove(); $('body').children().show();

    Neither script works for me.
    You could always just view google's cached version of the wikipedia entry you're interested in...

    Seriously defeats the original purpose.

    Get the Wikipedia Link, go to google, copy the link into the search box, click on the Google Cache link (click the search result arrow to get the link to appear)

    No JavaScript, not hacks

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