Manly Ferry Has Charging Stations For Phones

We already know that the Manly Ferry offers pretty good free Wi-Fi. Now some boats in the fleet offer an additional convenience for gadget-minded travellers: a charging station for phones.

Reader Edward spotted this ChargeBar on a ferry over the weekend. I'm not sure when the five-month trial is mentions kicked off, but it's a handy idea if you're short of power on the trip home. Thanks Edward!


    It could be the new water cooler place to meet / be social - over the phone charging station. Except it's over compatable technology, you could all hang out and wait for your phone to charge.
    *nods at the fellow Iphone user. " I really like your case"

      Funnily enough, this happened to me recently at the pub - battery was getting low, so I had to sneak off to the charge station while everyone was having a roaring conversation. Ended up having a mate come over to charge his and we had a really good catch up chat we'd been 'meaning to have' to for ages :)

    You wouldn't want to leave your device there or it could become a swap station! Nice place to pick up a new charged phone for free!

      The Peroni sponsored ones in the bars I've seen all have a warning saying they take no responsibility for theft, etc.

    I was on this ferry last week and saw this, and was amused

    What a great idea!!! It's free, right?

    Great idea! Can't believe it's taken so long for someone to do this. Nice work Manly Ferry!

    I catch the Ferry everyday from Manly, and I think this is a fantastic idea. You wouldn't leave your device unattended anyway, and I also noticed there is a warning on the side panel not to leave your phone unattended whilst its charging. Besides anything else, there isn't much else to do on the Ferry so it's not a hassle to stand with your phone anyways, good way to pass the time!

    Check out - , they are the company behind this activation. I believe they also do some event hire for charging stations too as well as long term installations.

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