Get Rid Of Unity And Restore The Old Ubuntu Look

Get Rid Of Unity And Restore The Old Ubuntu Look

If you aren’t a fan of Ubuntu’s new “Unity” interface, weblog OMG! Ubuntu! shows us how to get the old GNOME 2-style look back with just a few tweaks (and without having to downgrade).

Ubuntu may not have the choice to log into a GNOME Classic environment, but it turns out you can still install that feature from the Ubuntu Software centre. Then, with a few tweaks — like installing the old Ubuntu menu bar indicators, fixing problems with Compiz, and putting the Ubuntu logo back in the upper left-hand corner, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between your new desktop and the GNOME desktop of yore. If the more GNOME 2-like Mint isn’t suiting you, and you don’t want to switch to something altogether different like KDE, this could be a good way to get your classic Ubuntu interface back. Hit the link for the full instructions.

[How to] Make Ubuntu 11.10 Look and Feel Like GNOME 2 [OMG! Ubuntu!]


    • A good alternative to Unity is bashing your head against a wall. Honestly, I usually enjoy change for the sake of change, but alienating your userbase in the pursuit of some tablet dream is just disrespectful. Their current power management shortcomings already play against them, so why not capitalise on the desktop, where they have a power-user following and truly shine?

      My point is I usually roll my eyes whenever I see people trying to revert things to behave like an old OS because they hate change, but I can see exactly where they’re coming from in this case.

  • I do not believe you have given Mint the credit it deserves. MGSE and Mate make the linked article supurfulous. Thanks to Unity I have given up on Ubuntu and I am slowly switching all my systems over to Mint.

  • why all the fuzz, i’ve only used Unity once, and it was while installing from a live DVD, i already deleted it and now only use Gnome 3 or Kubuntu with plasma workspaces, so quit whining about it… unlike windows you can actually choose your GUI… At least KDM and LightDM can give you that choice

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