Dealhacker: Score A Whopper For $2

Unhealthy lunch alert! If you want some burger greasiness, this Hungry Jack's coupon will get you a Whopper for just $2. At least this way you won't be tempted to add fries and drink, which is where the obesity starts. [Hungry Jack's Coupon via OzBargain]


    Great deal, yet I would not even pay $2 for their old stale bread buns and really tough overcooked tasteless burgers.

    Thought I'd try Hungry Jacks last week as I haven't ordered there for years.
    My above description remains the same.

    Do we just print and cut it out?

      I suppose the cutting out is entirely up to you.

      Save paper, just show them the image on your smart phone.

        Yep, the smart phone option works a treat :)

    Do you specifically have to buy anything to redeem this offer?

      I'm guessing you probably need to buy a Whopper?

      Nope, just flash the coupon (on your smart phone, as I did, if you like), and you get a $2 whopper :D

    So at my local one that's 2 dollar food poisoning what a bargain! I would've paid upto 2x as much to recieve that!

    I cant believe people are still feeding this [email protected] to their kids. Dog food is more nutritious. But whatever floats your boat, no wonder we are the fattest country in the world.

    Bob - As are you. You're great with people, and you're not afriad. That's the major part of talent putting your stuff out there. You don't only play your guitar alone in your room, you put it out there, on a street corner or on a stage. You don't just keep a journal or a photo file, you put it out there for everyone.That's you.

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