SiriProxy Adds Custom Commands To Siri

GitHub user plamoni has created a means to add custom commands to Siri, including the ability to control your thermostat at home with no jailbreak required.Using a proxy server to filter Siri requests, he set up a means to add custom commands of any type. The process isn't easy and requires you to create a DNS server on your own network as well as generate and install a few certificates, but his walkthrough makes it as simple as possible. A few plugins have already been added to the GitHub page, including a Twitter plugin and a hockey scores search. Hit up the link below to download all the necessary files and get a full guide to setting it up yourself.

SiriProxy [GitHub via iPhone Hacks]


    an interesting, hacker-friendly side to siri i guess. The fact that it's all server side means you just change the server.

    Now that is something Apple could have done to make Siri more than a fast passing fad (sure its still in beta, but it didn't take long for people to reverse engineer the protocol so why would it take long for apple to have an Siri Personal Server app people can run on their network.

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