Quickflix Delays PC And Mac Streaming

When Quickflix announced its new Netflix-like streaming service late last month, it said the software for PC and Mac users would be released on November 10. That turned out to be slightly ambitious, with the service now set to launch in the next few days.

AustralianIT reports that the PC service has been delayed by "three or four days" while Quickflix uploads more titles (the version running on Sony Bravia TVs has already gone live). The eventual aim is to have between 500 and 700 titles on offer. For $14.99 a month, I'd have actually expected a slightly deeper catalogue than that — what do you think?

Quickflix delays PC streaming service [AustralianIT]


    it will eventually be a bigger catalogue. As a quickflix user already, I am excited to have the ability to stream rather than wait for dvds, so I don't mind the small catalogue at the beginning. i'm sure their dvd catalogue was small too when they started that service, and now look at it!

      I was an early adopter of Quickflix DVD packages, and fairly quickly dropped it because of the awful catalogue - I was sick of watching the top 30 items in my queue stay there forever and never actually show up while I got a constant stream of third and fourth choices.

      I'm excited about a legal streaming solution - but they need the catalog to support the product if they want it to fly.

    My e-mail from Quickflix sated 28th October actually said the launch was 10th November
    From the 10th of November, you'll able to access streaming via your PC or Mac through our WatchNow interface at Quickflix.com.au. That's right - you'll be able to stream unlimited movies to your computer or connect your laptop to your TV to enjoy them in the comfort of your living room. And by the end of the year you'll able to access our streaming service via Playstation 3 as well!

    Should be great when its up and running now if I can get it on freezone un metered it would be even better

      D'oh, both stories were supposed to say November 10 -- fixed now.

    really crappy pricing for the amount of titles they're offering, for 12.98 USD a month I get netflix and unblockus (a way to access netflix, cheaper than most vpn's at 4.99 - http://unblock-us.com/152.html )

    They still don't have any detail on their website about this other than a banner saying it's coming next week!

    How about some requirements, pricing, list of available titles ect?

      Yep...unblock-us is great value, especially considering it also allows access to Hulu and BBC

    it was annoying when i went on to download and it said nothing on the site about the delay just one banner its coming soon thanks life hacker i know

    Just launch the damn thing and don't worry about the launch titles.. Add them when its working. Stop pushing it back Quikflix, I'm already at the point of giving up and cancelling my account anyway.

    GUys i have my bravia connected to this service at the moment, trust me when i say its a good thing there delaying it, the catalogue at the moment is ridiculously low and old.

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