Get The New YouTube Before Everyone Else

Technology blog GHacks reports that YouTube is testing a new homepage design and that anyone can force this new design by adding a cookie to their browser. Here's how to do to so for Chrome and Firefox.

To enter the cookie go to YouTube in you browser and for Chrome open Developer Tools by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift-j and for Firefox use the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-k to open the web console.



in the console tab and then reload the YouTube tab.

The new layout is a three pane system with user and channel info in the left pane, subscription updates in the middle pane, and recommended videos in the right pane. It is a less-busy layout that I hope YouTube decides to incorporate.

How to Get the New YouTube Homepage Right now []


    Or you could just go to and opt in.

      Lege!! Cheers for the easier solution :)

    Didn't work in firefox until I replaced the " with '.

    Works fine now

    Yeah, I'm gonna assume this is the same as cosmic panda.
    Which has been around for a long time.

    anyone who used cosmic panda would know that the home page didnt change, just the video pages. this ties in the home page with the cosmic panda theme, its about time too, i've always hated the YT homepage

    Mine got automatically changed to the new layout. my other account didn't.

    1. This is not the cosmic panda layout. So let's not pass on false information.
    2. Anyone know how to revert this change?

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