Facebook Brings Back The Old News Feed

Facebook recently changed its layout, no longer allowing you to choose between "top stories" and "most recent" stories. Due to user outcry, however, Facebook announced today that the layout will be changing it back, though you might not notice it at first. Here's how it works.

The news feed is keeping its divided news feed, with one category of stories on top and another on the bottom, though with this new update, you can choose which stories show up at the top of your feed. If you want to see more recent stores rather than what Facebook considers "top" stories, just hit the teeny tiny "Sort" button in the upper right-hand corner of your news feed and choose "Recent Stories First".

The changes are rolling out gradually, as they always do, so if you don't see the new button yet, keep an eye on Facebook every few days. Hit the link to read more.

Interesting News, Any Time You Visit [Facebook Blog]


    I'm still waiting on this ticker thing everyone was complaining about!

      as am i

      Isnt the ticket already back? The thing above the friends list chat?

    Now that Google+ has pages, I no longer have much of a reason to use Facebook any more. Well, except for my photography page, but I'll only post links to my G+ page (davidgray Photography. Look me up! :P)

    Or you can change your language to Hacker/Leet and have none of these mentioned problems at all. =P

      Because you can't understand it? :P

      I see 1337 number plates all the time and say to my wife "5ar4h.. Five ar four h? I don't get it" with a smirk on my face". I choose not to 'get' leetspeek.

    I often set it to chronological, but every so often, I it reverts back to highlighted stories. So it's somewhat still annoying.

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