Ask LH: Which Calendars Let You Scroll By Week?

Dear Lifehacker, In Outlook on Windows, I can scroll by week in the month view. It annoys me that I can’t do this in Outlook on Mac, iCal, Google Calendar and iPhone. Is there any other calendar app or cloud calendar that allows me to scroll week by week while in the month view? Thanks, Scrolling Savant

Dear Scrolling Savant,

I’m a heavy Outlook user myself, and often make use of the exact feature you describe: using the up and down arrow keys to move through the month view, but scrolling one week at a time. This is handy for two reasons: you can make better use of larger screens by showing more than just four weeks in the month, and you can easily track stuff which overlaps over an end-of-month period.

As you say, this doesn’t work in Google Calendar or the web client version of Outlook (though it does work in the most recent version of Outlook for Mac). In most calendars, especially online ones, the month view is fixed on screen, and the only way to move is by going forward or backward an entire month. Indeed, one of the main reasons I’ve never used Google Calendar as my main calendaring tool is because its support for scrolling with the keyboard is so limited. You can use p and n to go to the previous and next periods, but you can’t move around between entries using the arrow keys, something I constantly do on my PC.

Anyway, I’m not aware of another calendar app which allows this kind of week-by-week navigation, but I’m hoping Lifehacker readers might have more ideas. If you can recommend a calendar which does this, tell us in the comments.


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