Why You Shouldn’t Ask A Busy Person To A Business Lunch

Why You Shouldn’t Ask A Busy Person To A Business Lunch

VC Mark Suster has a rule of thumb for getting connected with people professionally: never ask a busy person to lunch. There are times you can break this rule, of course, and Suster advises how to ask for that person’s time.

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The reason most busy executives hate lunch or dinner meetings (at least with people they don’t know well), as you can probably guess, is that their time sucks. Asking for one of these kinds of meetings is less annoying, however, in a few circumstances, such as when the other person is travelling (you probably won’t be taking his or her time away from family) or you’re having a group networking dinner.

How should you ask to meet the person if you can’t suggest lunch or dinner? Suster recommends asking for coffee with a set amount of time for the meeting, at the other person’s office. The key is making it as convenient as possible for them.

Never Ask a Busy Person to Lunch. Here’s Why [Both Sides of the Table]


  • “Their time sucks?” Why, what’s wrong with it? This genuinely threw me until it occurred to me that maybe it was meant to be “they’re.” Whoops.

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