Boomerang Calendar Now Schedules Meetings With Others In One Click

Boomerang Calendar already turns Gmail into a great event planning tool, but now it makes scheduling appointments even easier. Just propose a meeting and suggest a few meeting times. When the other person selects one, Boomerang Calendar automatically finalises the meeting and adds it to both calendars.

The new feature has been in Boomerang Calendar for a little while. Obviously it works best when you’re only scheduling meetings with a single other person, but if most of your meetings are one-on-ones or you have a lot of them to schedule, this could be a lifesaver. All you have to do is offer up a few times, then check your calendar as you normally do to see what’s on the agenda — Boomerang handles the rest and there’s no back and forth over which time works best and no cross scheduling. If you’re scheduling an event with multiple people, there is a group scheduling event that streamlines that process too, although it’s not quite as simple.

If you use Gmail and Google Calendar, it’s a great way to schedule everything from meetings at the office and a working lunch to family events like a kid’s recital or a dinner date. Hit the link below to try it out — it’s completely free.

Boomerang Calendar


  • Boomerang is not bad but it’s too limited, i recommend this one:­ail/mxhero-toolbox/ijhapcklhka­nndjbdnhichfmolhiaekg

    mxHero has everything boomerang have (and even more features) and you don’t have to pay to send more than 10 e-mails for month or anything, like boomerang do.

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