Android Is Available For Download On HP TouchPad

Since its sudden demise, the internet has been abuzz with people trying to get the Android OS onto the HP TouchPad. A Chinese developer by the name of Chompers has just released a very rough but publicly available download of his hack.In his current version, Android installs as an app into webOS, then boots into the Android OS from there. Forum members at PreCentral have tested it and report it's still buggy and almost nothing works, but as a proof of concept it's ahead of the still not unavailable CyanogenMod.

test IPK release — Android on TouchPad [PreCentral via The Digital Reader]


    " but as a proof of concept it’s ahead of the still not unavailable CyanogenMod."

    I would say that all the videos that the CM team have released with droid running on the touchpad is proof of concept.

    I would say that CM isn't available because they don't want to release a crappy webos hack that won't run anything

    Yeah, I'll wait for the CM team to finish their port. I'd trust them a hell of a lot more to produce a quality release rather than a hack job where everything is broken.

    Who is doing a playbook ?

    yeah, there are someone who will do the same thing for Playbook if it's down to 99 usd. sure

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