Tax Refunds: 87% Have Been Processed

The ATO isn't quite giving us weekly updates on how refund processing is going, but not much seems to have changed since last time. For the current year, 5.57 million returns have been received, 4.87 million have been finalised, and 4.33 million have received refunds. The total refund pool is $10.24 billion, which means the average is $2366. Don't spend it all at once. [ATO]


    Mine has, thanks ATO. We all hate you!

      How dare you! just because they rob you every week when you get your pay cheque and throw you in jail if you don't pay up is not a valid ground for you to hate them.

    mine was just under 5 times that :D

    Well x -5 that D:

    I can't remember the last time I had a refund.
    It must have been centuries ago

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