Tax Refunds: Average To Date Is $2353

Since our last look at the current state of tax refund processing, things don't seem to have changed much. The ATO has now received 4.68 million returns, finalised 3.84 million and given 3.46 million refunds with a total value of $8.15 billion. That means 90 per cent of us are getting a refund, with an average amount of $2353.

The last update included the revelation that the ATO was just marginally behind its stated target of processing 94 per cent of electronically-submitted returns within 14 days. There's no new figures on that target this time around, so I'm imagining it is still hovering in the low 90s somewhere.



    damn, i only got $1000 back :(

    to make up the extra $1353 ill need to work for 8 days :(

    I have been waiting a month for my return. I know it is only like $400 but I still want my money.

    Crap i need to do mine.

      Same... where can I find some time...

    I guess I'm bringing the average down with may $2k bill.

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