Virgin Australia Matching Frequent Flyer Status On Qantas

Airline Virgin Australia is obviously taking its customer service battle with Qantas pretty seriously: it is offering to match the existing status of Gold or Platinum members from other airline frequent flyer programs, giving you the option to jump the ranks (and potentially get free lounge access) without taking a bunch of flights.

The Virgin scheme applies to any locally-operating frequent flyer program other than those of Virgin's existing local partners (Singapore, Air New Zealand, Delta, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic). That said, Qantas members are clearly the main target.

To sign up, you need to email a scan of your current membership card (or a statement as proof of membership). Processing is said to take up to four weeks. Last time Virgin made a similar offer, it shut it off quickly after high levels of demand, so I'd get in quick if you're tempted.

Virgin Australia [via Australian Business Traveller]


    The virgin scheme applies to ANY frequent flyer program globally, it does not have to be locally operated.

    sweet... went QF gold again last week after an absence last year. Just enrolled :)

    The FREE Quantas/Jetstar Freq Flier offer is still on:

    Jetstar + Qantas/Jetstar for FREE.


      Correction *Virgin, (not a word I use a lot).

      Cancel my last.

      Looks like it's you have to be silver or higher to get the Virgin offer. My bad.

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