Qantas And Virgin Fighting For Top Customer Satisfaction Rating

Qantas And Virgin Fighting For Top Customer Satisfaction Rating

Individual travellers are often fiercely loyal to their preferred airline, but which one ranks top for customer satisfaction? Research by Roy Morgan suggests that Qantas remains top dog, but it’s a very close race.

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In the latest Roy Morgan Airline Customer Satisfaction Report, which covers the 12 months to June 2011 and included 7,099 customers, 84 per cent of Qantas fliers were very or fairly satisfied with the airline. For Virgin, the same figure was 80 per cent. Jetstar was on 68 per cent and Tiger was much lower at 43 per cent — a number that’s even more notable when you consider it predates the budget airline’s enforced shutdown and recent return to the skies.

While 4 per cent doesn’t seem a major gap, Roy Morgan tourism travel and leisure research director Jane Ianniello argues Qantas has an edge:

Qantas now has a clear lead over Virgin Australia in terms of domestic airline satisfaction. Both leisure and business customers are giving Qantas a higher satisfaction rating.

It will be interesting to see what difference Qantas’ planned transformation makes to those ratings in a year’s time (though those changes affect international routes rather than domestic plans).


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