Updated: The Best Video Player For Windows

Updated: The Best Video Player For Windows

Never let it be said that we don’t correct our mistakes: you guys were overwhelmingly in support of other programs besides SMPlayer for the title of best video player on Windows, and we heard you.

There are a ton of programs out there, and sometimes it can be hard to sift through them all, but we’ve added your suggestions to the pool and decided that KMPlayer deserves the title. We’ve updated the App Directory page to reflect this, as well as include some of the other choices you guys love. Thanks for all your feedback, and keep it coming! [The Best Video Player for Windows]


  • As much as I like to support Open Source where it’s worthy, there is something to be said about players that use Microsoft DirectShow filters.

    The very best codec implementations are made available as DirectShow filters (think CoreAVC for H.264). If the player doesn’t support it, that’s a big negative, and probably isn’t the best player if it doesn’t work with the best decoders.

  • VLC with ffdshow tryouts codecs is the windows media centre software choice… given about every torrent out there is encoded to work with VLC why would you choose anything else

  • SMplayer?? KMplayer?? You’ve got to be kiding!!
    Who writes these posts?
    VLC is good but overwhelmingly the best player for windows is media player classic home theater (not windows media player).
    People always got confused between the two which is why people don’t know how good it is.
    Its good, its free and its open source. And the best feature in my opinion is that it uses pixel shaders. With pixel shaders you can improve the picture of the video, no other player that Im aware of supports pixel shaders. It also has easy access (right click) to DirectShow filter settings.

  • Yeah, there’s this joke that reccurs between me and my friends.
    “Is it a media file?”
    “Does it work with VLC?”
    “It’s not a media file.”

  • I tried that SMPlayer it wouldn’t let me set as default but i did like it as my vlc player is bugging out keeps telling me it crashed and when videos finish in full screen mode it freezes and i need to close it and reopen it to watch something else

  • +1 for media player classic, VLC suffers horrible tearing with files that media player classic will play smoothly. I still haven’t worked out why this is, but it makes VLC pretty useless for playing most things on my media center.

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