The Arc Desktop

Today's featured desktop combines some gorgeous black and white photography with just enough colour and an arc-shaped heads-up display in the centre to create a desktop that's both informative and attractive. Flickr user Dennis Vu built this desktop, with the time front and centre, and feeds, chat, mail and system performance around the edges. Combined it's a perfect arrangement of aesthetic and informative.

Want the same look for your desktop? Here's what you'll need:

If you're an OS X or Linux user, you should be able to use GeekTool or Conky (respectively) to recreate the desktop customisations in this look for your operating system of choice. If you do, be sure to share it in the comments!

August Desktop [Flickr]


    I'd like to see some more about Conky. Any chance of a feature, LH? As an OSX user I find geektool ridonkulous.

    I'd like to see the REAL add-ons as per the image displayed. The add-ons listed in the article aren't the same as the image.


      Yes they are, if you arrange them right. I just replicated this on my desktop, looks great.

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