The Aurora Windows Desktop

The Aurora Windows Desktop

Lifehacker reader tmfk has created this alien-looking landscape and surrounding heads-up display. It looks so good we couldn’t help but feature it on its own.

The beautiful wallpaper here is complemented by the arc-like HUD elements around the corners of the desktop. They provide useful information, like weather and system status, without cluttering up the centre of the screen. Here’s how you can give your Windows desktop the same look:

With those components installed, you can get the same look. Best of all, if you like the HUD but not the taskbar, you don’t have to install them all — pick and choose the elements you like. If you have trouble wrangling Rainmeter, check out our guide.


  • Great dekstop, using it right now. Couple of questions but:
    1. How do I change it so the weather shows my location and not Monaghan, Ireland :/
    2. Can I change the HHD/CPU/RAM thing so that the HHD2 shows a different HHD (E: instead of D: )?

  • To change the weather location, you have to open the text file that the weather app uses and change the details where it downloads the data from. Normally the developer will include a readme text directing you to a website and where to place the link for your local weather.

    I guess you could also change the HDD to another, it would be similar to the weather app. Just find the text file and change the read directory.

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