Telstra Launching First 4G Data Service On August 29

Telstra Launching First 4G Data Service On August 29

Telstra has been promising a data-centric 4G network since February, and switched on its first base stations in May. Consumers will finally get the chance to try that option this month, with 4G USB modems becoming available on August 29.

As has been the case with previous high-speed options (such as Ultimate), the initial allocation will be aimed at business and enterprise customers. Telstra is promising a broader rollout “later this year”.

Only 2000 modems will be made available in the initial batch, and the service will work in selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Where the 4G network is not available, the devices will roll back to the existing Next G system. The cheapest business plan offering the service costs $49 a month over a 24 month contract and includes 7GB of data.

As a dedicated user of mobile broadband, I’m interested to see how much speed difference the new network makes, and I’ll be looking to test it as soon as possible. Are you excited by the prospect of 4G networks? (If you’re not up to speed on the technology, check out our Lifehacker 101 primer.)


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