Telstra Will Launch Data-Centric 4G LTE Network This Year

Telstra Will Launch Data-Centric 4G LTE Network This Year

Here at Lifehacker HQ, quite frankly we can never get enough high-speed mobile broadband. So the news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Telstra will be rolling out a 4G LTE network to complement its existing systems rings nicely in our ears.

As Nick over at Gizmodo reports, the new network won’t replace the existing Next G setup that’s in place, and will only run in selected capital cities and regional areas. That’s a strategy Telstra has already pursued with its DC-HSPA+ services. There’s no official confirmation of speeds yet, but the first device will be a dual-network dongle that works on both Next G and the new network — nice for frequent travellers (ahem).

Telstra Launching 4G LTE Network This Year [Gizmodo]


  • I have been very happy with LTE and i have seen the towers in the suburbs getting upgraded and i have clocked 101 mbps but i have got 75 mbps and on the Gold Coast i have clocked 25 to 35 mbps and i can’t wait for the portable wifi LTE modem when it comes out and there is prepaid Telstra LTE modem that is out now and i think it is a better modem then the 320u without hingers on the usb plug.

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